We know that regularly consuming drinks sweetened with a processed sugar called high-fructose corn syrup can lead to gout. A recent study conducted in New Zealand has now linked gout with drinks containing another common sugar, sucrose.

People who consumed a lot of sucrose-sweetened drinks were more likely to have gout than those who consumed none. People of white European ethnic origin who consumed four of these drinks a day were more than six times more likely to have gout than those who drank none of them. Interestingly, the link between sucrose-sweetened drinks and gout was not quite as strong in the other ethnic groups in New Zealand.

At this stage this research doesn’t prove that drinks sweetened with sucrose cause gout – just that people who drink them seem more likely to have the condition.

Perhaps avoiding these drinks can help prevent gout or perhaps reduce the severity of the symptoms – it’s one of many good reasons to stick to water when you’re thirsty!